CEO Message

CEO Message

Versatile Product, Incredible Price, Perfect Service
Thank you for visiting Bionics homepage. We promise to respond actively to diverse and new needs of the market through products and always strive to satisfy customers.

Thank you for visiting Bionics homepage. Our Bionics was established on February 27, 2004 based on the KNOW-HOW for patient and fetal monitoring business, which is the field of biometric signal devices.

Despite its short preparation process, it has established a full line-up of research, development, production and sales of patient and fetal monitoring equipment, and its technology is already being recognized at home and abroad.

As such, despite its short history, Bionics is creating a true spirit of venture based on the expertise and youth of each part.

Based on the corporate spirit that puts internal affairs before appearance and size, and people before profit, we will always move forward without losing our initial commitment.

From now on, all Bionics, including myself, will work hard to establish itself as a valuable and substantive company that can continue to give trust to our customers and everyone who knows our company.

Thank you.

President Kim, Dae Sung